April 04, 2013

What’s the one thing iOS lacks? No it’s not real multitasking, inter-app communication, or reliable data syncing. It’s never had an animated assistant based on office stationary.

Well you’re in luck:

How to get Clippy in your app

Download or clone the NSClippy repository on GitHub. Include all the files in /NSClippy (excluding the Example directory) in your project, or use CocoaPods:

pod 'NSClippy'

Adding Clippy to your view:

NSClippy *clippy = [[NSClippy alloc] initWithAgent:@"clippy"];
[self.view addSubview:clippy];
[clippy show];

And to show an animation:

[clippy showAnimation:@"GetArtsy"];

For now you’ll have to move him and make his speech bubble yourself. If you do give him the power of speech, please be kind and submit a pull request.


NSClippy is an Objective-C port of smore’s excellent ClippyJS. I’ve used all the assets from their project, including the sprites, animations, and sound.

About the maker

Any questions? Ask me on Twitter: @weiran

I also make an open source Hacker News reader app for iPhone called Hackers.

Weiran Zhang

Written by Weiran Zhang who lives and works in Nottingham. You should follow him on Twitter.