What’s the one thing iOS lacks? No it’s not real multitasking, inter-app communication, or reliable data syncing. It’s never had an animated assistant based on office stationary.

Well you’re in luck:

How to get Clippy in your app

Download or clone the NSClippy repository on GitHub. Include all the files in /NSClippy (excluding the Example directory) in your project, or use CocoaPods:

pod 'NSClippy'

Adding Clippy to your view:

NSClippy *clippy = [[NSClippy alloc] initWithAgent:@"clippy"];
[self.view addSubview:clippy];
[clippy show];

And to show an animation:

[clippy showAnimation:@"GetArtsy"];

For now you’ll have to move him and make his speech bubble yourself. If you do give him the power of speech, please be kind and submit a pull request.


NSClippy is an Objective-C port of smore’s excellent ClippyJS. I’ve used all the assets from their project, including the sprites, animations, and sound.

About the maker

Any questions? Ask me on Twitter: @weiran

I also make an open source Hacker News reader app for iPhone called Hackers.

Weiran Zhang

Hi, I'm Weiran Zhang. I work as a Software Enginnering Manager at Capital One. I have a passion for iOS and building thriving software teams. This blog is a place for me to document things I've learned and things I find interesting. You should follow me on Twitter.