As far as cases go, Snugg’s Bamboo Case for iPhone is a pretty good one.

I’ve never really used cases, much to the detriment of the exterior of my iPhone. Cosmetically it has lots of the typical nicks and scratches from an 18 month old black iPhone 5, but anecdotally the screen seems more resisitant to cracking when dropped. I speak from experience after dropping my iPhone from pocket height with a case on and still having the screen crack.

However there are situations where I wouldn’t be comfortable using my iPhone without a case, and travelling to the Arctic Circle is one of them. When Snugg offered me the case to review, Finland seemed like the ideal place to try it.

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The first thing you notice is the weight, or the lack of it. I find it hard to tell if the case is on purely by weight alone. But, you will certainly notice the bulk. It makes the iPhone feel twice as thick as it normally does, which makes it more comfortable to hold, especially with gloves on. Personally I don’t like how bulky the case is, but those with bigger hands might prefer it.

The second problem is how close the edge wraps over the front, this makes doing edge gestures much harder, something common in iOS 7 for common actions like swiping back in Safari.

The case is reasonably well made, although it does feel a bit flimsy around the volume and wake/sleep buttons. Expect those areas to suffer first.

Overall if you’re in the market for an iPhone case and fancy something with an exotic material, the Snugg Bamboo Case is a pretty good case. Personally, I prefer the leather Apple iPhone case as the attention to detail and workmanship are the best of any case I’ve seen.

Weiran Zhang

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