Last night, Apple approved the latest Hackers update. While the version number may have just increased by a paltry 0.0.1, you’ll find lots of new stuff:

  • Feature: web views now support landscape
  • Feature: swipe back gesture from comments
  • Feature: page 2 support for top news
  • Added: support for job posts
  • Added: error messages when loading fails
  • Bug: links in comments not working
  • Bug: stops accepting tap input in certain circumstances
  • Bug: post cell stays highlighted
  • Bug: fixed comments page header being scrollable before loaded
  • Bug: fixed email and phone number detection in web views

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Weiran Zhang

Hi, I'm Weiran Zhang. I work as a Software Enginnering Manager at Capital One. I have a passion for iOS and building thriving software teams. This blog is a place for me to document things I've learned and things I find interesting. You should follow me on Twitter.