February 04, 2013

The Galaxy brand is fast becoming more popular than Android, I wonder if Google feel threatened by this or if it’s part of their master plan.

The most interesting part of the article is towards then end:

You can see this very clearly in the new Samsung Superbowl ad. This has got lots of attention by (depending on your point of view) mocking Apple for trying to patent basic concepts or brazenly flaunting Samsung’s systematic copying of Apple’s innovations. But to me, what’s striking is that it doesn’t show the phones or any features, let alone mention Android.

The subtext, of course, is: ‘the UX is a commodity, the apps are a commodity, the stuff Apple talks about is a commodity that’s absurd to patent - we’re going to compete on hardware features’. That’s a natural angle for a hardware company with no control over the platform, of course. For now.

Weiran Zhang

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